“The Culling” crossover event is coming this May – but what is The Culling? What are Ravagers? What is N.O.W.H.E.R.E., and how will it threaten the heroes and would-be heroes of DC COMICS_THE NEW 52? You’ll find out soon enough, but in the meantime THE RAVAGERS artist Ian Churchill discusses what to expect from the new series born of the events of “The Culling.”


“RAVAGERS spills out of the 'Culling' event and hits the ground running – quite literally! These characters aren't quite superheroes and they're not quite supervillians either. In fact, they're very difficult to pigeonhole. If you crossed LOGAN’S RUN with THE TERMINATOR, you may have an idea of the tone and vibe of the book. Howard Mackie has lots of twists and turns planned for the fugitives that'll keep everyone guessing, and might well take your breath away! Norm Rapmund has altered his inking style somewhat too, so the look of the book is different to what you've seen from us before. If you want high octane, non-stop action then THE RAVAGERS #1 is where it's at!”

(Art by Ian Churchill for THE RAVAGERS #1)