If only every week could have such a “super” start. We started last weekend by unveiling the new MAN OF STEEL logo, which quickly gathered thousands of likes and comments on Facebook. After that, we continued to soar high with some amazing cover reveals and a close look at the new Swamp Thing before wrapping up the week by announcing—and celebrating—our 15 Eisner Award Nominations!


Here’s what went down on the DC Comics website this week…


We started by reminding you of your plans for June 14, 2013 as we showed off the new MAN OF STEEL logo. You didn’t have to look up in the sky to see it. It was pretty much all over the Internet.


After that, we took a close look at Swamp Thing’s new look, which was revealed on the cover of this week’s SWAMP THING #8. So what do you think of it?


We also had you covered when it comes to upcoming DC covers with first looks at the covers for SWAMP THING #11, DIAL H #3, ANIMAL MAN #11, G.I. COMBAT #3, DETECTIVE COMICS #9, WORLDS’ FINEST #3 and BATMAN, INCORPORATED #3. Whew!


Still not enough Swamp Thing for you? We spoke with Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire about two of the premiere titles from THE DARK family of DC comics, SWAMP THING and ANIMAL MAN. What’s it like working on a title so closely related to a comic written by someone else? Snyder and Lemire spill the beans. (And we’re still waiting for them to clean them up. Come back, guys!)


Finally, we offered up a proverbial toast to all of our Eisner Award nominees. There were 15 of them in total for DC Entertainment. Congrats, guys!We’ll see you in San Diego.


And we’ll see you in a week. Whether you’re observing Passover, Easter or simply Saturday and Sunday, have a wonderful weekend!