“Like a rotting, fetid pumpkin, with filth-filled blisters ready to burst.” So begin most conversations with the rage-fueled RED LANTERNS editor Pat McCallum. Or at least when discussing the “Death of the Red Lanterns” storyline that kicks off in issue #8, on sale this coming Wednesday. 


“I can’t reveal what I’m describing in that above quote, but it’s the last page of RED LANTERNS #8 – it’s rough stuff.” Warned McCallum, “It’s big, it’s awful, and it’ll reverberate throughout the various Corps. And it’s just the beginning. Issue #8 will also see a cameo by Green Lantern Guy Gardner, the origin of the patchwork abomination named Abysmus, plus Jack Moore – the human Red Lantern called Rankorr – will pull a stunt with his power ring that no Red Lantern has EVER done before!”


When pressed for details, McCallum became agitated and had to be sedated. Hours later, he continued: “It all builds to issue #9 and the exodus of the Red Lanterns. Something forces them – all of them, even the unstoppable Atrocitus – off their homeworld of Ysmault. And yeah…that’s going to make the Red Lanterns angry. Very, very angry.”


How angry? Testing the court-ordered restraints, McCallum explained, “RED LANTERNS #10 is going to tear the house down. Atrocitus, the most powerful of all the Red Lanterns, is going to take on ALL of Stormwatch.”


Stormwatch…? How do the covert super police of the DC Universe factor into the mix? “It ties directly into the events of STORMWATCH #9,” McCallum responded, biting through the leather bit. “Red Lantern fans don’t need to read that issue of STORMWATCH to follow the RED LANTERNS storyline, but you’ll miss a sick Midnighter/Skallox fight if you don’t.”


And what of the other big news with RED LANTERNS #10?


“STORMWATCH artist Miguel Sepulveda takes over the art reigns of RED LANTERNS with this issue,” revealed McCallum as orderlies dragged him back to his cell. “Miguel is blowing the doors off the joint with his first issue – he’s taken his art to the next level. I can’t stress enough how berserk the Atrocitus vs. Stormwatch brawl is going to be. Martian Manhunter, Apollo, Midnighter…it’s a good thing Atrocitus brought backup,” Hinted McCallum from behind reinforced bars. “One other Red Lantern will join the fight…and I guarantee you won’t believe who!”

Check out a first look at Sepulveda's artwork in RED LANTERNS #10 below: