For the past six months, fans of the Legionairres have seen the team form and develop in the explosive LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN. Today, the miniseries comes to an end and we here at THE SOURCE chatted to its creative team about what it’s been like working on this title and its lasting implications for the Legionairres.


“It's been great fun to explore the Legion's beginnings with a new look and new revelations,” writer Paul Levitz told THE SOURCE. “With Chris and Marc's energy, and the combination of new characters and new elements, we've planted bits that will be back in the Legion for years to come!”


“It's always a pleasure to return to the Legion,” said co-artist Chris Batista. “Let's hope we get to do this dance again! I hope you all enjoy what we put together.”


“Being fairly new to the Legion of Superheroes, I was really most excited to be working with Chris Batista and Paul Levitz,” continued co-artist Marc Deering. “Chris is able to catch some really great acting with his facial features and body language. I loved getting the real emotional story across through the characters acting that Chris brought to every page. Working with those kinds of really confident lines was a dream for me. Then bringing my A-game to the mix was essential. This was a great foray into the Legion for me being aided and guided by two of the Legion’s most enduring creators. Let's do this again!”


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