It gets better.


And if you work at DC Entertainment, it can be pretty amazing. DC is an incredibly open, inviting place for members of any minority or sexual identity. And there's no better way to see that than through the eyes of a young fan.


A group of students and chaperones from the Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk High School for LGBTQ students in New York, came for a tour of the DC Comics' New York office as part of a "Break Out Day" event organized by the various LGBTQ organizations in each department of Time Warner. The students started with breakfast, sharing their stories and hearing about the positive experiences from some of DC's diverse staff.


We were joined by artist Phil Jimenez, who energetically encouraged those students interested in art and writing to practice, practice, practice. He also walked them through the creative process for an artist, armed with everything from comics he created in high school to pencils from his latest Vertigo project, FAIREST.


To all LGBTQ kids, we wish you the best of luck with the bright futures ahead of you.


- Out at DC