Remember this cover of SWAMP THING issue #8 (on sale 4/4)?

Now, head over to BUZZFEED to see the exclusive reveal of the new look of Swamp Thing on the final cover of issue #8.
But before you go, here’s what SWAMP THING writer Scott Snyder has to say about today’s debut. “Here we are! The big reveal! I couldn't be prouder of how Yanick took the ideas I presented to him and used them in this design. We had long talks about how this new Swamp Thing should look like something specially chosen, an archangel, an avenging royal warrior of the green - something bigger and more brutal and regal than the swamp things that came before. A big part of our story is this idea that Alec Holland has been running from his destiny all his life - running from the knowledge that he is destined not just to become Swamp Thing, but the greatest Swamp Thing of all time. And so we wanted the design to have all the terror and glory of that conflict.”