This Saturday at WonderCon will be the very first conventional panel discussing BEFORE WATCHMEN. Earlier today AIN'T IT COOL provided a preview of sorts, with interviews with panelists J. Michael Straczysnki and Len Wein.

“A fair amount of time is spent really establishing who Jon Osterman was, and how that history informs the personality of Dr. Manhattan,” J. Michael Straczynski said about BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN. “As much as his power ennobles and elevates him, his story is really kind of a tragedy, and that is a pretty cool tapestry on which to sketch out a story.”

Meanwhile, Len Wein told AIN’T IT COOL NEWS, “The Crimson Corsair story will be presented predominantly in two page segments in every one of the BEFORE WATCHMEN books, thus forcing me to design a story that has a cliffhanger ending of sorts every two pages. And that, trust me, ain't easy.”

Want more details about one of the most eagerly anticipated projects of the decade? Head on over to AIN'T IT COOL NEWS for both interviews.