For the past six months, fans of MY GREATEST ADVENTURE have followed the wild and various adventures of Robotman, Garbage Man and the alien Tanga.


Today marks the release of the final issue of this anthology-style miniseries. We here at THE SOURCE spoke to the writers of MY GREATEST ADVENTURE and asked them to reflect upon their time working on the series and to tease what the last issue has in store for fans.


“I had a great time working on this title - and I mean literally,” Robotman writer Matt Kindt told us. “The title itself has so much history attached to it - and growing up reading Doom Patrol in all its incarnations just made this a childhood dream come true. I knew going in I'd have a lot to live up to and I feel like I was able to come at Cliff Steele in a slightly different way. That last issue has some great plot surprises but the biggest reveal is Cliff's true nature. He discovers it, and so will we!”


"It has been a great privilege to write and draw this inaugural Garbage Man story,” said Garbage Man writer Aaron Lopresti. “I loved being able to pay homage to the creators and characters of the monster comics that so captivated me growing up in the 70's. This final issue ties up the various story threads, delivers justice to the villains and sets the table for the future. What more could you ask for in 10 pages?!"


"I'm thrilled that DC allowed me to tell this story and introduce Tanga,” continued Tanga writer and artist Kevin Maguire. “I've enjoyed working on this more than anything else in my career so far. I hope one day, I get the chance to tell new stories with her."

See the exclusive preview here.