In the last issue of THE SHADE, a dark spell was cast across Barcelona. With the return of The Inquisitor, 25 innocent citizens of the city found themselves held hostage. And the only way to save their lives is to exchange them for the life of Shade’s protégé, vampire La Sangre.


This Wednesday, the story continues in the miniseries’ next chapter. When a group of The Inquistor’s acolytes start committing suicide in various parts of Barcelona, Shade and La Sangre know that the clock is ticking on their time to figure out a solution with the smallest amount of bloodshed. Joining them is Montpellier, La Sangre’s “sometimes partner in crime.” Can the three of them stop The Inquisitor before more lives are lost? And what do new revelations about The Inquisitor reveal about The Shade’s original mission to collect a sample of his own blood?


Find out in THE SHADE #6 from acclaimed writer James Robinson and fan-favorite artist Javier Pulido.

See the exclusive preview here.