On Sunday night, the world will be transfixed with Oscar ballots and acceptance speeches. Earlier this month, DC Entertainment Senior Vice President of Sales, Bob Wayne, was presented with a lifetime achievement award with a slightly different profile: The ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award. The Award honors individuals in the comic book industry who have been committed to the direct market and comic book retailers across the country. It might not be the Oscars, but it’s a big deal in the comic book community when Bob Wayne, a 25 year veteran of DC Comics/DC Entertainment, can take a much deserved bow for the guiding role he’s played for more than two decades.

(Photo by Annette Price)

“My ComicsPRO colleagues and I recognize all the good things Bob Wayne brings to this business---a love of the comics' art-form and business, a deeper knowledge than just about anyone has about the intricacies of this business, a strong sense of what ‘publisher best practices’ are all about, and a desire to improve this industry every day he works in it,” said ComicsPRO President Joe Field. “Bob Wayne is all that, and I'm proud to add, a friend besides.” “Retailers appreciate the people who help make their jobs easier, the people who help improve sales,” said ComicsPRO’s Executive Director Amanda Emmert. “Many of them, including myself, are happy for this opportunity to thank Bob Wayne for the work that he has done over decades to improve our market, and for the work that he continues to do.” Bob Wayne has been with DC for 25 years. A former comic book retailer in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area, he joined DC Comics on August 3, 1987 as Retail Promotions Manager and has been on the forefront of the changes in the comics business ever since. He is the co-writer of the 1990 limited series TIME MASTERS published by DC Comics. Currently serving as DCE’s Senior Vice President—Sales, Wayne has always maintained his loyalty to the field of comics specialty retailing and has been responsible for many of DC’s retailer-friendly best practices. Wayne is a recipient of the Inkpot Award, commemorating his years of service to the comics industry and his work with Comic-Con International. When asked about the ComicsPRO Industry Award, Bob put it all in perspective. "I owe it all to my mom for not throwing out my comics."