What makes Buddy and Ellen Baker's relationship so special and so enduring? “To me, Buddy may be the "superhero," but Ellen is the strong one,” says ANIMAL MAN writer Jeff Lemire. “He may wear the costume, but she's the rock of the Baker clan. Truth is, Buddy is actually a bit of a flake. One day he's a stuntman, the next day he's an indy film actor, the next he's flying around San Diego in tights and a mask. Yet. Ellen is always there, always supporting him and picking up the slack at home...she even manages a successful career as an illustrator. Let's face it, of the two, Ellen is the "super" one. But Buddy Baker has heart. He's the emotional one. And he certainly attracts adventure and excitement...even if it can be the unwanted, ROTTEN kind of excitement at times. And I guess Ellen needs that to balance her. In the end it's not just the kids or the wild adventure that have kept them together, it's how much they both need each other in order to thrive at what they do best. I hate to end this Valentine salute to Buddy and Ellen on a somber note...” Lemire continues, “but I still can't help but wonder, exactly how much more of the craziness can Ellen endure? When Buddy keeps putting the kids in danger, I wonder where Ellen will draw the line. That may be a question we see answered sooner than later, as the forces of The Rot gather all around the Bakers!” Pick up ANIMAL MAN #7 for Part 1 of Animal vs. Man on March 7th!