With Jesus Saiz resurrected as Mitch Shelley’s ongoing illustrator, the BIRDS OF PREY need an artist up to the challenge of depicting Gotham City’s finest female fighters. Fresh from The Rot in ANIMAL MAN, artist Travel Foreman takes on urban decay alongside Black Canary, Batgirl, Katana, Poison Ivy and Starling. Beginning with issue #9 in May, the Birds face Talon and the Court of Owls in the epic “Night of the Owls” Bat-family crossover. “ANIMAL MAN is one of my favorite books of The New 52, in no small part because of Travel’s awesome art,” said BIRDS OF PREY editor Bobbie Chase. “We’re really challenging him to go against his animal instincts in his first issue; from the woods to the city streets, from a single super character (OK, with family) to a team book, from one small corner of the DC universe right into the big Bat landscape. It’s going to be exciting!” In the meantime, check out the cover to BIRDS OF PREY #9 (by Jesus Saiz) and a new Birds sketch by Foreman.