Paving the way for the return of Captain Cold in THE FLASH #7, Mike Choi’s awesome variant cover for THE FLASH #6 depicts a frozen Barry Allen mid-movement. Below, take an exclusive first look for yourself. “THE FLASH is one of my favorite books right now, so it was a real pleasure and honor to get the chance to work on a cover for the title,” Choi exclusively told THE SOURCE. “I'm good friends with both Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, whom I've known pretty much my entire career, my first professional gig being the follow-up to Francis' run on WITCHBLADE for Top Cow, with Brian being my colorist on the book, so of course this was a title I was definitely rooting for. Hopefully I've done just a little bit to add something to their book and its run. “Another incentive to try and do a great job on the cover was working with Brian Cunningham, who's an editor I've been really enjoying working with. I've come to really appreciate editors who are very straightforward with constructive criticism when it comes to improving your craft on longer and more general terms, because they've seen it all and probably know best in terms of how your stuff might be lacking or need improvement. From the get-go, he told me to try and infuse more dynamism to my figure work by looking at artists like John Buscema and Wally Wood, and hopefully that's coming through bit by bit as my career progresses. “Anyway, I hope everyone digs it!” THE FLASH #6goes on sale February 22nd.