Fans of STARMAN are familiar with the concept of a “Times Past” issue. In THE SHADE #4, in stores on Wednesday, writer James Robinson revisits this format to reveal an untold chapter of The Shade’s history. The year is 1944. The Shade’s criminal career has just kicked off and he must save an industrialist who is being targeted for assassination. But when he seeks help, The Shade learns that people are not always who they appear to be. And that includes physically. Making this issue extra special is the art team of Darwyn Cooke (NEW FRONTIER/CATWOMAN), J. Bone and Dave Stewart, who were enlisted by James to tell a story as only they could. “It's a thrill to work with Darwyn and J. Bone on the first ‘Times Past’ single-issue story within the overall 12-issue Shade series,” James Robinson exclusively told THE SOURCE. “After the wonderful work done by Cully Hamner, it's exciting to see another interpretation of DC's Master of Shadows, with Darwyn and J. Bone bringing their own unique vision to one of the Shade's 1940s adventures. I'm also thrilled by the final piece of this visual puzzle, this being the color by Dave Stewart who's brought a subdued yet sublime palette to the tale. I hope everyone enjoys this adventure of saboteurs and mystery men where we learn a little more about the Shade's mysterious past.” "We are beyond excited that Darwyn Cooke -- one of the top artists working in the industry today -- made time to pencil this issue,” said series editor Wil Moss. “He brought along his former SPIRIT collaborators J. Bone and Dave Stewart and the three of them created 22 pages of gorgeous, lush imagery, taking James Robinson's already excellent script to a whole other level." THE SHADE #4 features an extraordinary cover by STARMAN alum Tony Harris and lands in stores tomorrow.