Before Captain Atom was a superbeing with untold powers, he was just a man – a military man in service of his country. In issue #4 of CAPTAIN ATOM, we will find out set into motion the transformation of Nathaniel Adam. Writer J.T. Krul gives a hint of what’s to come in next week’s issue: Since starting to work on Captain Atom, we've been doing everything we could do distance the character from those around him. His powers being so limitless and his current form so alien, that sense of isolation shows that great powers can bring great loneliness. But, with issue #7, we'll be taking a look at a different side of Captain Atom as we explore his past and his former existence as Nathaniel Adam. While we'll be highlighting the course of events that led to his tragic accident, we shall take a look into Nathaniel's early days - touching upon elements of his past - both the highs and the lows that made him what he is today. But, it's not all about the past here. We'll also be taking a look at the future of Captain Atom. Just wait until the two forces collide to launch an epic adventure for Captain Atom that will make him question not only everything he is, but also everything he's ever done. -J.T. Krul