James Robinson and JT Krul will contribute individual stand alone stories in MEN OF WAR issue #7. We caught up with Robinson and Krul to get the inside scoop on their contributions. Is it true that you’ll be writing MEN OF WAR #7? JR: Absolutely. It's been a fun coming up with a story for the book. Lots of research. JTK: Indeed. One of the coolest aspects of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 is that there is such a wide variety of books, crossing over different genres. And MEN OF WAR is a great chance to explore war stories for our times. So, when Joey Cavalieri called me about the opportunity, I was on board right away. What can you tell us about your story in this stand alone issue? JR: I can't speak for the other writer on the book, but for me, I've created a new DC war character I hope readers respond to. A British soldier in the S.A.S. in Afghanistan who takes one last mission upon himself before returning to England. JTK: I'm telling a contemporary story about an American soldier serving in Iraq that finds himself fighting for his life along side his fellow soldiers after their helicopter is shot down. But, it's got another component to it that digs deeper into the life of a soldier and the struggle to navigate through obstacles both on and off the battlefield. I've had the chance to meet and talk with many members of the Armed Forces over the years (a lot of them comic fans). I am always impressed with their easy-going, low key nature. You'd never know that they live and work in hostile environments. It's so above and beyond anything we as civilians experience. So, I wanted to tell a story about their resilience, but also confront some of the challenges they face in terms of living with that experience - the isolation it can bring when returning to family and friends. Pick up MEN OF WAR #7 in March!

(The cover to MEN OF WAR #7 by Viktor Kalvachev)