Just as the nature of the Firestorm protocol is enhanced by the different personalities that fuel its matrix, THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN will explore new story possibilities with new combinations of its creative team. Beginning with issue #7, Joe Harris will be joining Ethan Van Sciver as co-writer. Harris is perhaps best known for his work on GHOST PROJEKT, and he has also written some one-shots for DC Comics – including a Scarecrow story for THE JOKER ASYLUM and BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL: MAN-BAT. Along with the addition of Harris to the matrix, issue #7 will also find Van Sciver providing both interior and cover art. Yildiray Cinar will remain as the series’ ongoing artist, returning for issue #9 after Van Sciver’s two-part arc as artist. FIRESTORM’s co-plotter for the first six issues, Gail Simone will remain entrenched in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, focusing her attention on the Gotham City exploits of BATGIRL. “The secrets are out, the weapons are amassing, and Ronnie and Jason have barely begun to understand the depths in which they’re swimming,” said series editor Rachel Gluckstern. “Once they were normal teens, now they wield incredible powers – and have caused incredible disasters. And it’s only going to get worse. Ethan Van Sciver and Joe Harris are kicking down the doors in this new chapter of THE FURY OF FIRESTORM, taking our heroes into the global arena of politics and power. We’re going to learn the truth about Professor Stein and all the plans he set in place, which are now spiraling out of control. Join us for the thrilling new story — THE FIRESTORM PROTOCOLS!”