Aw yeah, it’s time for the holidays! You may still be stuffed with sweet potatoes from Thanksgiving last week, but the season of giving is already upon us. This year, celebrate with the Tiny Titans, DC Comics’ 2011 Eisner Award-winning kids’ series from the acclaimed creative team of Art Baltazar and Franco. Issue #46 of the series hit stores earlier this week (hello stocking stuffer!) but if a trade collection is more your style, you’re in luck! Just in time for the holidays, TINY TITANS: THE TREEHOUSE AND BEYOND, which collects issues #33-38, will be released in comic book shops on December 21st. Watch as the Tiny Titans gang meet their counterparts from another world, travel to the center of the Earth and more! And to help get you in a festive mindset, THE SOURCE conducted an exclusive yuletide chat with Art and Franco about their holiday traditions and how they plan to celebrate this year. What holiday tradition do you do that makes your celebration unique? ART: Christmas BINGO! Every year my family has a “Grab Bag” style bingo game! Everyone brings a gift and we pile ‘em up on the living room table. We sit around the room with our bingo boards, my son calls the numbers, winner grabs a gift and we give a BINGO shout out to the lucky winner! HHEEEEYYYY!!! It’s fun stuff. FRANCO: We have so many in our family but recently it’s watching my son open his presents and then getting to sit around all day and play! What's your favorite winter activity? ART: I like to pull my kids on their sled. There is a trail behind my house that is awesome when covered with the fresh fallen snow! The kids dig it. They point at all the deer tracks along the way. The first Snowman is exciting too. FRANCO: I love to go sledding with my son at the first snowfall! This year we were lucky enough to go on our first sled run in October… before Halloween! What is your fondest holiday memory? ART: The holidays are very magical. When I was a kid, I could not wait to get my Super Heroes and Star Wars toys! Now, my house is filled with laughter and screaming kids on Christmas morning. FRANCO: I come from a large extended family and I remember the anticipation of everyone getting together and cooking all day long and then eating all day long, the laughs and fun were a marathon event! What are you doing to make the holidays special this year? ART: I got some new Christmas CD’s. I’m planning on rockin’ a Christmas Dance Party! I hope Grandma brings her dancing shoes. FRANCO: I just love being with my family and spending the day together with them! As long as they’re around my holidays are guaranteed special! If you could have one wish come true this holiday season, what would it be? ART: One Wish? I’m not sure, but I know it has something to do with SUPERMAN! FRANCO: Easy! An issue of TINY TITANS in every stocking!!