All week, you’ve seen the members of Tiny Titans scratch their heads at the perplexing identity of the woman in purple showing up throughout TINY TITANS #46. Well, there’s only so much mystery that Wonder Girl enjoys before she takes matters into her own hands to figure out the answers.

Now that the gang has finally caught this woman, they’re ready to find out who she really is and what she wants. So who is she?

You’ll have to pick up TINY TITANS #46 to find out why Barbara, Wonder Girl and Superboy are so shocked in the above panel when they discover the woman in purple’s true identity. “This purple lady is everywhere!” series co-writer Franco said exclusively to THE SOURCE. “From my understanding, she’s shown up in every single issue of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52! Well, now she’s shown up in 53 issues because we are revealing the truth about who she is and what she’s doing and that’s going to happen in TINY TITANS!” “She's in TINY TITANS? Y'know, I thought it was weird when I returned from my coffee break to discover my artwork had been altered,” series co-writer and artist Art Baltazar continued. “Must be the work of that purple lady's elves. You never know where that Purple Lady will show up next! Besides I always thought she was pink. Now, I like purple very much, Lois." TINY TITANS #46 is in stores today.