We're thrilled to announce this morning that DC Entertainment is among the handful of companies providing an early example of Google's new Google+ Pages. If you're a Google+ user - and you are if you use Gmail, you just need to build your profile there if you haven't already - you can follow DC Comics there by adding us to a "Circle" of your choosing.  To get our DC Comics Google+ Page off on the right foot we're sharing an exclusive preview of Batman #3 from superstar writer Scott Snyder over there. Batman is diving deeper into the mysterious Court of Owls that has always been thought of as a myth to the citizens of Gotham City, so much so there's a nursery rhyme about them: Beware the Court of Owls That watches all the time, And rules Gotham from shadowed perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, They watch you in your bed, Speak not a whispered word of them, Or they'll send the TALON for your head. Who is this mysterious Court of Owls? And what danger will they pose to Batman as he investigates the truth behind the legend? Find out in Batman #3, on sale November 16th both in print and as a digital download. Visit Read.DCComics.com for more on how to enjoy DC Comics titles in print, online or on mobile devices. We're excited to explore Google+ Pages as another way to connect with our wonderful, passionate fans and build relationships with you all there in a new and interesting fashion. Keep an eye on our Page in the coming days as we offer more exclusive content there.