New York-based writer Marc Bernardin is the new ongoing writer for STATIC SHOCK, the Harlem-based superhero in DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. A writer on the SyFy Channel’s ALPHAS, Bernardin is also known for his work on THE HIGHWAYMEN and THE AUTHORITY comic books and as a former writer for ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Bernardin’s debut as the writer of STATIC SHOCK will be issue #7, with Scott McDaniel remaining on the title as illustrator. What can fans expect from the new creative team? While keeping up the action that Static fans have come to expect, Bernardin will also be focusing on Static’s teenaged alter-ego - Virgil Hawkins - and his family life, because it's not always easy being a young superhero in a new city. "The thing that excites me, as both a writer and a reader, about STATIC SHOCK is that it features a hero that we don't really know yet -- at least, in comics, anyway. (Fans of the Static Shock TV show will kindly forgive me.) Virgil Hawkins is young, still figuring out the full extent of his powers, and navigating the full range of teenage tragedies: Being the new kid in a new school, asking out the pretty girl, finding time for his homework, etc. And he's one of the few young heroes without a built-in father figure: He's not an offshoot of Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, or the Martian Manhunter. He's his own man, for better or for worse. And all of that offers a lot of grist for the writer-y mill. And I'd be lying if I said that I didn't feel a humbling sense of responsibility to get this one right. The late Dwayne McDuffie still stands as a titan in this industry – and while I'm not so presumptuous as to think I can write Static as well as he did, I'm hoping I can write a Static he'd get a chuckle out of."