It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; AMERICAN VAMPIRE is now in paperback! If you’ve waited to read this phenomenal series, now is the time, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s just some of what’s been said about the Eisner Award-winning series. "Forget the neurasthenic, elegantly neurotic, aristo vamps of so much popular literature. Skinner is more like crossing Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul with a young, slim, undead Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd: a tough little cuss who wants to bite for the blood, for the class-revenge, and for the pleasure of it. . . . Very smart, knowledgeable stuff.” —ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY/Shelf Life “Looking for a vampire story with some real bite? Then, boys and girls, Scott Snyder has a comic book for you. . . . Snyder’s taking literary royalty along for one bloody good ride. The master of horror himself, Stephen King.” —USA WEEKEND “Go buy this book.” —TIME/Techland “AMERICAN VAMPIRE is full of amazing dialogue and great characterization, simply an amazing book that begs to be picked up.” –AINT IT COOL NEWS “Comic-Con fans can finally rejoice. . . . Stephen King draws blood in the comic book AMERICAN VAMPIRE.” —MAXIM Magazine “Wonderfully nasty. It's not just another vampire story. It's a story about America. Bloody, vicious, and a whole lot of fun.” —COMIC BOOK RESOURCES "One hell of a satisfying package . . . a rich, textured romp through vampire Americana, in such a fun way as to suggest the possibilities of this vehicle are as endless as the lives of the undead.” —IGN “Seductively original, American Vampire simply deserves to be read.” —POPMATTERS Convinced? Now head over to your local comic shop, bookseller or online retailer and pick up a copy.