If Jack Kirby were still alive, today would have been his 94th birthday. The King, as he is fondly referred to as, impacted the comic book industry in monumental ways. To celebrate, we thought we’d catch up with some of the writers who are bringing new life to some of Jack’s classic characters in DC Comics-The New 52. With contemporary representations of characters such as OMAC and Etrigan the Demon, Kirby’s legacy lives on and is as strong as ever. “There is no denying the genius of Jack Kirby and the effect he has had on comics through history. And to this day, many of his great creations still exist today and stand the test of time,” said O.M.A.C. writer Dan DiDio. “Of all the series Kirby created at DC Comics, OMAC is one of the ones nearest and dearest to my heart. The manic nature of the story telling and the wild futuristic setting are some of his best, and in working with Keith Giffen on the new OMAC series we hope to bring that same level of creative energy and excitement to our book.” “Jack Kirby's vast creative imagination stretched in all directions,” DEMON KNIGHTS writer Paul Cornell told us. “In The Demon he gave free rein to his gothic inclinations, that wonderful way he has with a gnarled tree branch at night. He made Etrigan angry with the world and his status in it, and let loose his wonderfully different way with words in the Demon's rhymes. We've kept almost everything, to be honest. Well, we've given him some armor, and now he only rhymes sometimes, but this is still Kirby's guy. You don't meddle with that stuff.” In case you missed it yesterday, check out the two exclusive teases we posted yesterday on THE SOURCE of O.M.A.C. #1 and DEMON KNIGHTS #1. Happy birthday, Jack!