THE SOURCE: What was the first comic you ever worked on? JOSE VILLARRUBIA: Who's Who in the Legion of Superheroes #7. I did the pencils for a White Witch pin up. Who was the first writer you followed? Steve Gerber. His work was truly transgressive when I was growing up... Loved his Defenders, Man-Thing, Omega, and, of course, Howard the Duck. I also loved those two issues that he did of Mr. Miracle for DC... Who was the first artist you followed? Neal Adams. Although Spanish reprints had no credits, my brothers and I could tell that there was an artist superior to all the rest working on Marvel 70's comics. In the absence of a name credit, we called him "the Futurist"... What was the first convention you attended as a professional? I think it was either San Diego or New York 2000. What was your first job in the comic book industry? Penciling for Who is Who in the Legion of Superheroes. What was the first piece of original art you bought? The first pieces were sketched that Moebius gave me at a Book Festival in 1978. The first page I bought was by Scott Hampton from Legends of the Dark Knight.