We have just the thing all you fans of the Scarlet Speedster have been waiting for with this weekend’s FLASH 101 digital comics sale.  For two days only over 100 FLASH issues will be on sale for $.99. This is a great way to get up to speed on some of the most popular comics starring the Fastest Man Alive.  The sale features key storylines from acclaimed creators including Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver, Francis Manapul, Mark Waid, George Pèrez and other amazing writers and artists.  Don't miss your chance to discover modern masterpieces including FLASH: REBIRTH, THE DASTARDLY DEATH OF THE ROGUES, THE RETURN OF BARRY ALLEN, plus classics including CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and THE TRIAL OF THE FLASH. The FLASH 101 digital sale includes: FLASH Firsts:

  • Flash Comics #1 (first appearance of Jay Garrick, The Golden Age Flash)
  • Showcase #4 (first appearance of Barry Allen, The Flash)
  • The Flash #105 (first appearance of Mirror Master)
  • The Flash #106 (first appearance of Gorilla Grood)
  • The Flash #110 (first appearance of Kid Flash)
  • The Flash #113 (first appearance of The Trickster)
  • The Flash #117 (first appearance of Captain Boomerang)
  • The Flash #125 (first appearance of The Cosmic Treadmill)
  • The Flash #140 (first appearance of Heat Wave)
  • The Flash #155 (first appearance of The Rogues)
  • The Flash #1 (1987 – first appearance of Wally West as The Flash)
  • The Flash #92 (1987 – first appearance of Impulse)
The Fall of Barry Allen:
  • The Flash: Trial of The Flash (series #340-350)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12
Wally West’s Run:
  • The Return of Barry Allen (#74-70)
  • Terminal Velocity (#0, 95-100)
  • Emergency Stop (#130-135)
  • Wonderland (#164-169)
  • Blood Will Run (#170-176)
  • Rogues (#177-182)
  • Run Riot and Blitz (#192-200)
The Return of Barry Allen:
  • Flash: Rebirth #1-6
  • Blackest Night: Flash #1-3
  • Dastardly Death of the Rogues (#1-7)
  • Reverse Flash Spotlight (#8)
  • Prelude to Flashpoint (#9-12)
Flashpoint – Everything will Change:
  • Flashpoint #1