SDCC - The Day After

SDCC - The Day After

By DCE Editorial Monday, July 25th, 2011

(Grant Morrison, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns at the Warner Bros. party on Friday night.)

Well, it's done. Another San Diego Comic-Con in the books. We met so many fantastic fans (many of whom got Wayne Casino Poker Chips and an assortment of our other fantastic giveaway items) and want to thank them all for their feedback, their comments, their questions and most of all their passion. You all are the reason we keep doing what we're doing and seeing so many assembled in one place is a great experience for all of us here. The centerpiece of Sunday's panel lineup was the last of a series dedicated to "Designing the New DC Comics." This time the big reveal given to those in the room (and then to those who are friends of ours on Facebook) were looks at the new designs characters will be sporting after September. From BATGIRL to MISTER TERRIFIC to GRIFTER and more, the new outfits and overall looks of the characters was on display and the response was great. After that the last in a series of panels focusing on DC Comics The New 52 was held and new villains for BATGIRL, FLASH, SUPERGIRL, and FIRESTORM were discussed The focus then turned back to artwork with a panel featuring Jim Lee, Cully Hammer and Adam Hughes as they shared how they do their artistic work month after month. And that's that! We'll continue to share in more detail some of the news that came out of Comic-Con but thanks to everyone for another great year. Look for us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with DC Entertainment day in and day out.

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