flashpoint-logo_whiteRemember when Barry Allen woke up in an unfamiliar world in FLASHPOINT #1? Turns out he’s not the only speedster with that problem. In KID FLASH LOST, Bart Allen finds himself noticing considerable changes in the people and places he thought he knew. He enlists Hot Pursuit for help …. but is the Hot Pursuit coming to his aid the same one he remembers? "KID FLASH LOST is a FLASHPOINT mystery, as Bart and the mysterious character known as Hot Pursuit try to unravel what has happened when the world they wake up in is not their own. Bart will deal with many of the character threads set up in Geoff Johns' "Road to Flashpoint" storyarc even as he confronts the greatest danger the 31st century has ever seen,” writer Sterling Gates told us.

Head over to NEWSARAMA to view exclusive preview pages. KID FLASH LOST #1 is illustrated by Oliver Nome and Trevor Scott and lands in stores on Wednesday.