REAL NAME: R'amey Holl OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 700 HOMEWORLD: Papilliox HEIGHT: 6' 1" WEIGHT: 114 lbs EYES: Orange HAIR: Brown FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern Corps vol. 2 #7 (February, 2007) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: Serving as a law officer on her home planet of Papilliox, it was easy for R'amey Holl to transition into the galactic police force of the Green Lantern Corps. A recent recruit, this orange-skinned beauty is proper and respectful of her superior officers. Her majestic wings allow her to fly even without her power ring. Being a Monarchist, R'amey has the potential to metamorphose as an Earth butterfly would. Having consumed all life on the now barren planet of Meno, the insect-like Hymenoptists have set their sights on R'amey's majestic world of Papilliox. R'amey seeks to recruit the Guardians' help in putting an end to these parasites who lay eggs in living beings. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and energy constructs.
  • Constructs are quick and powerful.
  • Butterfly-like wings.
  • Antennae that can sense her surroundings. R'amey's homeworld of Papilliox has a warm environment making her extremely sensitive to frigid climates.


REAL NAME: AMANITA OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector/Artist BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 3100 HOME PLANET: Muscaria HEIGHT: 4' WEIGHT: 48lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: None FIRST APPEARANCE: GREEN LANTERN Vol. 3 #20 (January, 1992) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: Amanita is a fungus-like lifeform resembling an Earth mushroom. Its planet of origin is the swamp world of Muscaria, where flora is the dominant species. At one with the planet and its environment, Amanita channeled those experiences into an artistic endeavor creating beautiful pieces showing the magnificence of Muscaria. But trying to communicate with Amanita on a normal level takes great patience as it speaks extremely slow, which goes well with an extremely long life span. But for those willing to take the time to listen to Amanita, they will learn a great deal. It has a higher consciousness that allows it to perceive all the complexities and wonders of the Universe. Attributes:
  • Slow Metabolism and long life.
  • A cosmic consciousness.
  • Artist.
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and meticulous energy constructs.