REAL NAME: Rot Lop Fan OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 911 HOMEWORLD: Obsidian Deeps HEIGHT: 5' WEIGHT: 230 lbs EYES: N/A (blind) HAIR: N/A (silicone) FIRST APPEARANCE: Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (1987) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: Hailing from the Obsidian Deeps, where there is no notion of color or light, Rot Lop Fan is one of the most unique members of the Corps. Unable to understand the concept of the "Green" Lantern Corps, this silicone-based life form uses a musical instrument, the F-Sharp Bell, to emit sound waves from his power ring. Though completely blind, Rot Lop Fan has impeccable hearing, able to perceive sounds from over four sectors away. This legendary Lantern prefers to remain in his sector but will always arrive when help is requested. An interstellar slave ring dealing in selling Green Lanterns once captured Rot Lop Fan. Fortunately, he was rescued by the irascible Guy Gardner with whom he forged a bizarre friendship. ATTRIBUTES:
  • The F-Sharp Bell allows for a protective shield and sound waves that are shaped into solid forms.
  • Rot Lop Fan is completely blind. He has no eyes.
  • Acute sense of sound. Sports a silicone-based body that is both heat and light resistant.


REAL NAME: Isamot Kol OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 2682 HOMEWORLD: Thanagar HEIGHT: 5' 3" WEIGHT: 193 lbs EYES: Yellow HAIR: N/A (hairless) FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern Corps Recharge #1 (November, 2005) AKA: Green Lantern BACKGROUND from the comic books: As a Lizarkon, a reptilian humanoid, Isamot Kol grew up in the slums of Thanagar. When his planet was threatened, Isamot fought alongside his fellow Thangarian warriors. But when his commanding officer attempted to surrender, Isamot killed him and seized control of his squadron. Although his teammates tried to cover it up, Isamot believes in truth no matter the situation and confessed to murdering his superior. As a consequence for treason, the Lizarkon was sentenced to execution yet fate intervened and his life was saved by the Oan power ring selecting him as a Green Lantern. Whether creating Thangarian sword constructs, using his sharp teeth or powerful tail, Isamot Kol is a fierce Lantern in battle. Isamot's Green Lantern partner is a Rannian named Vath Sarn. Since Rannians are the mortal enemies of Thanagarians, this alliance was a major struggle. Fortunately, they have built a truce through their mutual respect for one another and their honor of the Green Lantern Corps. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and energy constructs.
  • Constructs possess scales along the outsides.
  • Sharp teeth and strong jaw.
  • Lizard-like skin.
  • Powerful tail.