REAL NAME: Parallax OCCUPATION: Soul collector / Fear inducer BASE OF OPERATIONS: N/A HOMEWORLD: N/A HEIGHT: N/A WEIGHT: N/A EYES: N/A HAIR: N/A FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 (January/February, 2005) AKA: Fear Entity BACKGROUND from the comic books: Parallax is a parasitic entity that feasts upon fear. When the first sentient being was touched by fear, Parallax was born. As terror spread across the universe, Parallax gained sentience and fed. Trapped millennia ago by the Guardians of the Universe, Parallax has escaped and set out on a rampage across the galaxy seeking revenge. Storming across space, Parallax is feasting on souls, destroying entire star systems and gaining strength as he nears Oa. Abin Sur, Green Lantern of sector 2814 attempted to save one such system but was touched by fear diminishing his willpower rendering his power ring ineffective. Tainted by Parallax and dying, Abin crash landed on Earth seeking his replacement. His body was examined by Hector Hammond who himself became infected by Parallax. The intelligence of Hector merged with the power of Parallax has created an unstoppable force as fear spreads across the universe once more. ATTRIBUTES:
  • Can make anyone actualize their greatest fears weakening them and allowing their souls to be possessed.