127_bmcv_2400_panel Issue Fifteen This cover was intended as a kind of Satanic reverse of the famous panel from DETECTIVE COMICS #38 published in 1940, where Batman solemnly inducts the young Robin into the crime-fighting fraternity. Here the figures are flipped around, with left hands raised instead of right hands and a candelabra designed to hint at a trident or pitchfork shape, suggestive of the Devil. A huge, inverted cross appeared in the original drawing as an homage to the imagery of late ’60s and early ’70s “Devil” pictures such as Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist and The Omen, but this was considered to be too “on-the-nose” and was dropped from the final version. batman-and-robin-15-jun100155   brcover15rough brcover15pencilslowrez