TITI_Cv29_ds TINY TITANS fans have a very special treat in store for them with issue #40, which hits stores today: the issue is dedicated entirely to Kroc. Featuring mini-chapters in the life of the menacing and lovable crocodile, TINY TITANS #40 comes courtesy of the Eisner nominated and New York Times bestselling creators, Art Baltazar and Franco. We spoke to the duo about what it was like creating this special issue. Take it away, guys: titi_40THE SOURCE: Why an entire issue dedicated to Kroc? ART: AW YEAH KROC! Because The Fans demanded it! That’s right. After traveling from city to city to different comic conventions and drawing sketches for all our awesome fans, I realize… kids dig Kroc! Kroc is one of the most requested sketches! Along with Starfire and Robin of course. But Kroc is one popular guy! He’s like a phenomenon! FRANCO: Why? Cause YOU, the fans demanded it! We kept hearing over and over again how much fans liked Kroc's appearances so if nothing else, we listen to our fans! titi_402What's your favorite thing about Kroc? ART: I love that Kroc does things his own way. “The KROC Way.” He doesn’t care who’s around or what’s going on. When something pops into his head, he’s off doing what he wants to do! He’s very independent and a perfect role model. And, he’s really happy and just wants to eat stuff. FRANCO: Kroc just does things the way he does them. It's not the wrong way or the right way it's just “The KROC Way!” titi_403Where does an issue centered around Kroc leave the other characters? ART: Oh, the other Tiny Titans are there. Kroc kind of invades the Titans space and messes things up a bit. He even pals around with Beast Boy a little. They met back in the GREEN issue, remember? Aw Yeah Tiny Titans Continuity! FRANCO: Oh, they're there! They will be caught up in the craziness that is Kroc. titi_404How is it different to write an issue focused on one character versus a regular issue? ART: It’s not too much different. It was cool to focus on Kroc. But you’ll see, it’s still a Tiny Titans issue all the way. Making this issue was awesome! We have stories exploding from our brains all the time all day long! We have so much cool stuff for Kroc we could fill up a 3-issue mini-series. HA! Aw yeah man! We must save some of the stories for later! FRANCO: Not much different actually. Instead of a whole bunch of little jokes centered around different ideas, it's just a whole bunch of little jokes centered around one story. This issue is a result of fan's demands. How often/in what mediums do you communicate with your fanbase? titi_405ART: Besides talking and meeting fans at signings and stuff, we communicate with fans via Twitter and Facebook and e-mails and our websites. Our fans are the best fans in the world! I feel like part of something much bigger! Aw Yeah DCU! I really feel it when we go to conventions and comic shops. It rocks! It’s an awesome age we live in. FRANCO: We are a floodgate of open-ness (I'm not even sure that's a word)! We talk to fans all the time through conventions, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. We are so tech savvy! Do you plan future issues focusing entirely on Kroc (or another character for that matter) or is this a one-time thing? ART: YES! You never know what can happen in the Tiny Titans Universe! We like to write funny stories with different themes to each issue. We are constantly thinking and making up stuff everyday! Everything is possible and anything can happen! Aw Yeah Titans! FRANCO: Yes! We like to change things up every once in a while and would definitely not rule out another entire issue of Kroc or any other character! Aw Yeah TITANS!!