If ever there was a character destined to achieve cult status, it's the Canterbury Cricket. Rags Morales, the fan-favorite artist behind FIRST WAVE and the legendary IDENTITY CRISIS, gives a visual guide to one of the strangest characters in mainstream comics. Below, take a first sneak peek at Rags' exciting interior art for FLASHPOINT: CANTERBURY CRICKET #1 before you see the final version when the issue hits stores next month: fp_cc_1_4-5_inks Awesome, right? Series writer Mike Carlin thought so too:
"Rags Morales and Rick Bryant have outdone themselves on CANTERBURY CRICKET #1-- not only introducing the cursed (or blessed?) title character-but showing the FLASHPOINT universe's own Ambush Bugs in action for the first (last?) time! They're all here: Firefly! Queen Bee! Blue Beetle! And the mysterious Cockroach! With the Cricket by their side they intend to infiltrate this Invisible Planes' hangar stronghold-- before the Amazonian invaders can enact their failsafe plan to keep the United Kingdom out of Atlantean hands-- or die trying!"