Featuring two pieces of extremely rare pin-up art, the newly reissued and repackaged HITMAN, VOL. 4: ACE OF KILLERS collects issues #15-22 of Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s acclaimed series. The first is a cover that was never before published and the second is from our previous WHO’S WHO series. Take a look at both of these below. In these issues, Tommy Monaghan sends Etrigan the Demon into the depths of Hell to retrieve the Ace of Winchesters, the only weapon that can defeat the demon Mawzir. Once he has it in his possession, Tommy, along with Catwoman, Natt and the crazy heroes of Section Eight, can fight Mawzir and his gangster henchmen on Earth. Featuring such landmark issues as the Steve Pugh illustrated “Kiss Me,” and the Christmas-centered “The Santa Contract,” HITMAN, VOL. 4: ACE OF KILLERS is available now.