flashpoint_fri_white How often do you talk to or e-mail your editor and the other creators working on FLASHPOINT titles? What kind of creative collaboration is going on behind the scenes? J.T. Krul: A lot actually. Geoff is creating a rich universe within the main book, and we get to play in our corners of it on our books, but there is a very strong effort to keep things connected in an organic way. Javi Fernandez: Everything is perfect, the script, the editor, the result... everything... Tony Bedard: I've had a lot of interaction with Geoff, Eddie Berganza, and with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning since my EMPEROR AQUAMAN series is closely tied to their WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES mini. It's been a real pleasure working with DnA. I've been trying to beat their cosmic stuff at Marvel with our own R.E.B.E.L.S. and now we have a friendly competition to see which rocks harder, Aquaman or Wonder Woman. batman-fp Dan Abnett: All the time. It’s one big Skype party. Scott Snyder: A lot of collaboration is going on. I've already spoken with and come up with joint story elements with Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, JT Krul, Tony Bedard, Jeff Lemire. It's great, because the world is this shared sandbox, with all this vibrant stuff happening all around you. Rex Ogle: I really lucked out to have Pat McCallum and Sean Mackiewics as my editors. They not only push me to make the story that much bigger, but they help me tap into the potential of my ideas. (“Care Bear Stare”, right guys?) As for the talent, the amazing Brett Booth & Andrew Dalhouse are working on covers, and when I saw the first one, it blew me away. It took all my restraint not to post it online. I’ve also got Eduardo Francisco and Paulo Siqueira doing the interior art and it’s just gorgeous. Dan Jurgens: It's very intensive with a lot of ongoing conversations and contact to help pull everything together. Jimmy Palmiotti: I hit the crew up whenever I have a question and they get right back to me. This is a well oiled machine on every level and one of the easiest crossovers I have ever worked on. It's been great. Lowell Francis: Often- working with everyone, especially Scott Snyder, has been an amazing creative experience. Have you ever been involved in an event of this magnitude before? Lowell Francis: No- it’s like playing a massive game of live-action Tetris. We’re trying to get all the pieces from the many amazing titles put into place. This event’s an incredible network of cascading effects. deadman Dan Jurgens: Quite honestly, yeah! A few times! Mike Carlin: I’ve been involved with a few since 1981... But when we heard this whole storyline laid out, I believed this to be an event with immense personal stakes. That’s unusual for these big stories, that’s for sure. Dan Abnett: No, but an alternate version of me has. Adam Schlagman: Though I worked heavily on BLACKEST NIGHT, I’ve never been involved in an event where an entire universe is created and coordinated between over twenty creators. It’s unbelievably fun! Scott Kolins: ROGUES REVENGE was part of FINAL CRISIS and BLACKEST NIGHT: FLASH was part of the summer event last year – so yes I’ve been apart of these events before. This one has a strong and different concept than those, which is great – And I get to write my story this time. J.T. Krul: BLACKEST NIGHT was epic and huge, but this feels even bigger. Tony Bedard: I got to do several stories in BLACKEST NIGHT, so I guess this isn't my first rodeo. secret7 Peter Milligan: I was involved the the Global Financial Meltdown that led to the demise of Lehman Brothers and the ruination of countless economies…but that wasn’t quite as complex or far-reaching as FLASHPOINT. Gene Ha: It was called GODHOOD, the sequel to KINGDOM COME. We don't talk about that much... Rex Ogle: No, this is my first. And it’s an absolute honor to have my name alongside so much phenomenal talent. Jeff Lemire: I once created an epic crossover with my Superpowers figures that lasted for nearly seven years. I finally wrapped it up last month, it was great. Darkseid won. Javi Fernandez: Never! As I´ve said, is the first time that I’ve worked for DC and it is so fun, such a treat, that I think that I´ve won the lottery. There's been a lot of chatter, online and at conventions, about what kind of consequences will come out of FLASHPOINT. Why, in your estimation, will FLASHPOINT matter to fans? Sean Ryan: Because I think at the core of FLASHPOINT, behind all the crazy changes and differences, the story has a very deep emotional center that I think will resonate with fans. fpeap1low Gene Ha: We're creating a setting and cast of characters that we love. We're putting every twisted obsessive drop of love from our sick bastard hearts into it. But this event is only the first story. We're trying to make something so tempting that other creators can't resist playing with these toys too. Mike Carlin: Because change CAN be good! Dan Jurgens: There will be lasting effects. Adam Schlagman: Wait until you see the end. Oh boy, does it matter. Plus the emotional context will register with all DC fans for all eternity. Dan Abnett: We can’t talk about that yet. But oh my god... Jeff Lemire: Because, unlike past events, this one REALLY does change everything. Rex Ogle: When you take a character and put them in a whole new world with a whole new life, the core of who they are stays the same—but how that different world has changed them, changes how they react to their environment. And as a fan, I’m overjoyed to see some of these new aspects of the heroes (and villains) I love. As for long lasting effects on the DC Universe, let’s just say at the heart of FLASHPOINT is this very overwhelmingly emotional story (beautifully written by Geoff Johns). And when there’s a story this powerful and intense, yeah, of course there’re going to be some repercussions. Of course I’m not at liberty to say more than that… Peter Milligan: It’ll allow the reader to consider familiar characters in new ways. And more importantly to be reacquainted with lesser-known characters they may have forgotten about or never been aware of. In other words it will re-populate the DC Universe. J.T. Krul: They'll be seeing their favorite heroes and villains in ways they never have before. And, that's only the tip of the iceberg for what's coming next. Pornsak Pichetshote: You’ll find out when it’s over. Boy, will you find out when it’s over… Tony Bedard: I'm not allowed to talk about it, but it absolutely will matter. Scott Snyder: Well, first and foremost, it'll matter because of the strength of the story! It's just a great tale, really imaginative, epic, with lost of twists and turns... But if you're looking for a "will it change the DCU," the answer is definitely yes.