flashpoint_fri_white New FLASHPOINT details come to light in Newsarama's exclusive interview with Geoff Johns. Head on over to check out what Geoff has to say about the series, including the important role Batman will take in it. But we won't leave you high and dry here on The Source. Last Friday we broke out some designs from FLASHPOINT by Jim Lee and Andy Kubert. Andy Kubert was so excited that he got into the act and wanted to provide more of his behind-the-scenes takes on additional characters. Take it away, Andy.

"Character designs are a unique thing...some just roll off the top of the pencil, and some take some time, which can turn into weeks, to figure out. With the three characters shown here, I tried to provide my insights without spoiling the Flashpoint storyline, which isn't an easy thing to do since their stories reflect their looks...but here it goes."
fp_ww_model_fin "When Geoff and I were going over the characters and their backgrounds for the Flashpoint series, he told me that Wonder Woman would be wearing medieval armor and that it's an integral part of her background story (she leads an army!). I LOVE drawing armor. I immediately knew what she should look like and the attitude I wanted to give her was akin to the Ripley character Sigourney Weaver played in the Alien movies. And I wanted to put her in a helmet but not make the helmet too knight-ish but something that would be a bit more appropriate for her at the time Flashpoint was taking place. After the sketch was completed, I sent it to Geoff, Eddie and Adam Schlagman for approval and feedback. They loved it, but what they really liked was the helmet which now has a great back story that goes along with it (which they would clobber me for if I spoiled it here)."