Designing a new costume and look for Wonder Woman or Aquaman is one thing, but an entirely new character like the Canterbury Cricket requires a few extra steps, even for a superstar artist like Andy Kubert. canterburycricket

"I had no idea who or what this was...but he's in the story. Geoff described him as a humanoid insect along the lines of...a cricket. I researched crickets, bugs and arachnids which are all cut-throat nasty little creatures but crickets in general are really not that menacing looking. They have big, round eyes that are soulful (to me, anyway). I tried to give him a bit of an attitude with some heavy, pointed brows along with some rigid body armor. A couple of spiky things off of his long, skinny arms and elbows, legs and anywhere else I thought worked. All this stuff brings out the fighter in him. Also an ultra thin thorax type of waist and I thought always being in a crouched position would be a good character niche. Canterbury is also pretty short...maybe about 4 feet tall. Lots of spots on him as I picture his color scheme to being like a just pulled from the ocean lobster."