It's been a big week for Aquaman, with Geoff Johns announcing a new series continuing out of BRIGHTEST DAY. Here's Andy's take on Aquaman as you'll see him in FLASHPOINT. fpaqfinmodelsheet

"What you're looking at is probably my very first drawing of Aquaman. For Flashpoint, he's military, tough and rugged with a scar on his face. You can see a lot of Sgt. Rock in his look...but that's probably in my genes! I gave him the buzzcut to help with his background and decided to keep the trident like the original one...why mess with a good thing? The fins on his boots in this sketch didn't make the final cut for the series. I like the take no prisoner attitude that he portrays since that's his character. Someday, I'd love to take a crack at a hard-hitting mini-series with him. There's so much visual that can be done with underwater techniques."