We've got lots of exciting new covers to debut today. First up, Andy Clarke's variant cover for BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #3 pits Batman against Ragman and Demon. bmtdk_cv3_var Next, veteran series artist Scott Kolins does the variant cover for THE FLASH #11. flsv2_cv11_var_r1 Dustin Nguyen takes on the standard cover for JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #24, while Kevin Maguire is behind the variant.jlgl_cv24 jlgl_cv24_var Don Kramer and Jay Leisten illustrate the standard cover for WONDER WOMAN #610, while Alex Garner helms the variant.ww_cv610 ww_cv610_var And last but certainly not least, Amanda Conner's standard cover for ZATANNA #12. zata_cv12_r1