flashpoint_fri_white What is the FLASHPOINT? Is there a moment where everything in the DC Universe as we know changes? When you open up the first issue, you'll enter an entirely new world that will be both familiar and new. Flash will learn what the universe would be like if the world's greatest super-heroes never became the world's greatest super-heroes. When, how and why everything changes and what that means to the future of the DC Universe will be answered in the series. Oh, and Andy Kubert has done an absolutely unbelievable job on the book. Wait until you see what's happened to Aquaman, Superman and Wonder Woman. We've seen the blackboard in the pages of TIME MASTERS 6. Ok, we'll bite. Who or what is S!H!A!Z!A!M!? You'll find out what S!H!A!Z!A!M! is in the very first issue of Flashpoint. What we didn't want to do with this series was the expected. You won't just see the DC Universe shaken up, you'll see characters you've never met who've come into existence because of the historical damage done to the past. From Element Woman to Blackout to the Outsider to the Resistance. In a strange way, these new characters include S!H!A!Z!A!M! It may be the most radical change when it comes to the core DC Universe, but not quite... Fans want clues about FLASHPOINT. What storylines might they want to revisit for an informed idea as to where we are headed? Honestly, none. The Flash series and The Flash: Rebirth give you the foundation for Barry today, but even then Flashpoint #1 will tell you everything you need to know. You'll meet the world and characters as you enter the story. But if you want to get really into it and meet some characters that are going to be making appearances you could pull out that copy of Batman: Year One, remind yourself who Steve Trevor is, check out Peter Milligan's amazing run on Shade the Changing Man, prepare for Green Lantern Abin Sur's return and make sure to pick up Dan Jurgens triumphant return to Booster Gold in May! Booster Gold is the only monthly book that ties into Flashpoint for obvious reasons and it's great to see Dan back on it!