The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is proud to team up with DC Comics in the presentation of the 2011 member card, featuring Green Lantern! This member card, which is sent to everyone who joins or renews their CBLDF membership in 2011, boasts heroic art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert! cbldf_cardfnl-11v2 The CBLDF protects the First Amendment rights of the comics community by providing free legal representation in Free Speech cases, waging court cases against unconstitutional laws, and providing education on Free Speech issues. The CBLDF is the front line of defense when it comes to cases that would censor comics. It does this work because of the generous grass roots support of its members and donors. By sending your membership dues of $25 a year, you will join their ranks as a Guardian of Free Speech. For those who can join for $100 or more, you'll receive your card signed by Geoff Johns! "We're thrilled to team up with DC Comics to thank our members by providing them with this exquisite Green Lantern card," says CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein. "As a corporate member, DC Comics is a vital supporter of the Fund's work, and we're most grateful to see them increasing their participation in this way. Thanks to them, and our loyal supporters, we will continue to work hard to protect comics in 2011 and beyond!" To get your Green Lantern card, please visit and sign up today!