brbw_4_27_600 Georges Jeanty, artist on THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, PART IV: DARK KNIGHT, DARK RIDER:

"Getting to work on a Batman project, any Batman project, is a dream of any artist worth his weight. I'm no different. Batman Editor  Mike Marts and I have long been friends and when he told me there was the possibility of doing some Batman work I jumped around as giddy as a school girl (in private of course, you just don't do that sort of ting in public). I wasn't immediately familiar with the project, but when Mike mentioned some writer named Grant Morrison was writing the series, I may have fainted (again in private). After coming too, I took to drawing my issue with no small enthusiasm, little did I know of the all the more surprises which awaited me. Not only was I drawing Batman, but it was a western and it involved Jonah Hex! In the same book! I immediately went out and played the lottery thinking that I was going to win big because I was just so lucky!(I did not win). What really did it for me was finding out that I was working on a series with a fine compliment of artists that I couldn't have handpicked them better myself. I am humbled to be in such great company. I'm a fan of everyone on this series, and there I am nuzzled in between. Reading all this, it should come as no great surprise that the Return of Bruce Wayne series was a treat I could  never have hoped for!" - Georges Jeanty