Detective Comics #873

Before Dick Grayson was Batman, even before he was Robin, he was a member of the Flying Graysons. Turns out that coming from a family of acrobats provides some pretty solid guidelines on how to be Batman. See, when things look grim, Grayson has three rules for staying alive on the trapeze and they work just as well for staying alive on the mean streets of Gotham: 1. Pick a point. Meaning, pick the point in space you're headed for and never look away, even for a second... 2. Build yourself a net. Build a safety net out of plain, simple facts to stop the panic, to steady you. 3. Pray you land somewhere soft. Detective Comics #783 page 6 Things certainly look dire for Grayson in DETECTIVE COMICS #873, the conclusion to the Black Mirror storyline by Scott Snyder and Jock. Head on over to CBR for a five page preview of the issue  and join me in hoping that those three rules lead to a safe landing for the Dark Knight Detective.