Nine hundred issues is a significant milestone. Come this spring, ACTION COMICS will be the first—and only—comic book series with nine hundred issues under its belt. Here are 6 items of breaking news about this historic anniversary issue: 1. ACTION COMICS 900 continues the epic Reign of Doomsday storyline. 2. There’s a contribution by famed SUPERMAN THE MOVIE director, Richard Donner; 3. A story by the screenwriter of THE DARK KNIGHT, David Goyer; 4. A story by the co-creator of LOST, Damon Lindelof; 5. In addition to covers by David Finch and Alex Ross, there will be a variant cover by Adam Hughes. 6. In order to squeeze in all these amazing contributions, ACTION COMICS will clock in at a whopping 96 pages. Stay tuned to THE SOURCE for more about ACTION COMICS 900 in the coming weeks. 900-coversm-685x1024ac_cv900_variant1