kiethdemon Metal fans will recognize Scott Ian as the guitarist from the legendary band Anthrax and comics fans will recognize him as the writer of last year's LOBO: HIGHWAY TO HELL. Between releasing "Ironiclast", the debut album of his newest band, The Damned Things (which features members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die), just last month and launching a nationwide tour on January 19th, the busy musician and writer is announcing that he's writing a new miniseries starring Etrigan, The Demon, with his LOBO collaborator Sam Kieth on art duties, which'll hit comic shops later this year. Scott had a few words to say about the new series:

Holy crap I am excited to be writing The Demon for DC in 2011! I've been a fan of Etrigan since I was kid buying comics off of the racks. Jack Kirby created him for Hell's sake and now I get to spew Hellfire like it's never been spewed before. And I get to blow up Las Vegas. It's going to be a real vulgar display of power (pun intended). Thanks DC for sending me to Hell and back! -Scott Ian