It's rare enough that a creator comes along who can both write and draw, but it's even more impressive when one is able to deliver an outstanding product month after month on an ongoing title. Tony Daniel's done amazing work with Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne in the pages of BATMAN, not only as artist but the current ongoing writer. Batman and Robin's lives won't be getting any easier in 2011, and Tony's provided a few words to tease some of the stories he's working on for this year:

"BATMAN in 2011 will prove rife full of challenges for Dick Grayson in Gotham City. While the Falcones are digging deeper into the business affairs of Gotham, someone has decided to help TWO-FACE return to glory. But are there ulterior motives at play? What role does Riddler play in all this and what does he want out of it? And with Catgirl being more of a menace than a hero, will she work through her nine lives before Batman to save her…from herself? Dick Grayson has a tough road ahead as Batman but he’ll forge ahead the best way he knows how—as guardian, protector, and savior of Gotham City."
Tony's next issue is BATMAN #706, which hits stores this month. Check out a preview below!