Legacy is a big part of the DC Universe. Through the years, Batman has mentored many Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne. Each hero, in their own way, reflects their times.


In 2011, readers will see a decidedly darker side to the shadow of the Bat and its legacy. In BATMAN, Tony Daniel is chronicling the saga of the next generation of the Falcone Crime Family. While, in DETECTIVE COMICS, writer Scott Snyder, and artists Jock and Francesco Francavilla have embarked on an epic story about just how far the apple drops from the tree.


Just how ambitious are the plans for DETECTIVE COMICS in 2011? Scott Snyder's been kind enough to pull back the curtain, just a little, on the mysteries that will unfold:
“In just the first few months of the new year, we'll be introducing you to a host of characters we're very excited about. Some, like Sonya Zucco, daughter of Tony Zucco, the man who killed Dick's parents, will be brand new. Others, like vicious gangster and pirate Tiger Shark are re-imaginings of colorful old foes. You'll even see our own twisted take on the clown prince of crime! And of course, you'll see a lot more of a character I'm very, very thrilled to write, - Commissioner Jim Gordon's son, James Jr., who, after years away from Gotham, has recently returned with his own mysterious agenda - and who, if Barbara is to be believed, might just be one of the scariest sociopaths ever to walk the Gotham streets...”