Doomsday's back - and while we agree that that’s not a good sign for the heroes of the DCU, we can still ask: why did Doomsday return? Well, I asked, and I got a hint back in return. Here's a few words from DC Executive Editor Eddie Berganza about Reign of Doomsday:

“Doomsday is back - and he's hunting down each of the four characters that rose from his first strike on Earth: Steel, Superboy, The Eradicator and Cyborg Superman. Something about those four has drawn him back... And nothing is getting in his way, not even the JLA. That’s all I’ll say for now!”
And here's another news nugget. This story is so big that we can now announce that the SUPERMAN/BATMAN Annual 5 is part five of what appears to be a visceral tale of collateral damage and revenge. As for Part 6, hmmm... We're not saying. Yet. Part 1: STEEL #1 Part 2: OUTSIDERS #37 Part 3: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #55 Part 4: SUPERMAN/BATMAN ANNUAL #5 Part 5: SUPERBOY #6 Part 6: ???