A hero is often defined by his or her  villains. And few heroes have villains as cool and colorful and flat out weird as the Flash. The Rogues define the Flash and he  defines  them: Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, the Trickster and most especially the two Captains Captain  Cold and  Captain Boomerang. In FLASH 7, the  spotlight falls on Captain Boomerang. How did Boomererang first fall in with the Rogues? Why has he returned from the dead? And does he still have  what it takes to be a Rogue? You'll find out the answers to  at least two  of those questions on Wednesday. In the meantime, FLASH fans, we'll leave you with a question or two of of our  own -- who's  your favorite Rogue? Digger? Or Cold? Or somebody else altogether?