We’ve heard bits of news about WEIRD WORLDS, the anthology mini-series hitting in January and featuring the talents of Aaron Lopresti, Kevin Maguire and Kevin VanHook, among others – but what more can be revealed? Well, not to overuse the phrase but we went straight to the source on this one and got some art and comments on two of the new characters showing up in the first issue – Tanga and Garbage Man – from their respective creators, Maguire and Lopresti. So, take it away, Kevin: tanga_5 wewo_01_22600 “Having soared through uninhabited space for far too long, the powerful yet personable Tanga finally finds a planet with a friendly population. Unfortunately, it's a planet besieged with giant monster attacks. Unfortunate, that is, for the giant monsters.” And here’s some lovely Lopresti Garbage Man art, with a few words from the man himself: garbageman1 garbageman2 “What happens when a corrupt lawyer develops a moral conscious? His powerful clients take notice and action. Weird experimentation, murder and timely pyrotechnics combine to create the ultimate monster-hero! Follow Garbage Man’s path to redemption as it leads through a foray of monsters and to an ultimate showdown with the Dark Knight!” WEIRD WORLDS #1 hits in January.